Desert Landscape Conversions

Desert Landscape Conversions

Water Smart SNWA Landscaping Pays You for Your Grass

Desert Landscape ConversionsAre you considering getting rid of your money guzzling grass yard? Desert Landscape Conversions will put money back in your pocket! You could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by switching to water smart desert landscaping.

It is no secret that SNWA water rates are among the highest in the country. In response, many Las Vegas residents will make attempts to preserve water consumption and that includes landscape.

Why Switch to Desert Friendly Landscape (The Desert Landscape Conversion)?

Water Smart Landscaping Pays

  • For every foot of grass that is removed and replaced with desert landscape, the Southern Nevada Water Association (SNWA) is offering a $2 rebate for up to 5,000 square ft. They will also be offering a $1 rebate for any additional land with the maximum award being $300,000.
  • A water smart, desert friendly, landscaping using less grass and more plants can help save 50 percent of water. In addition, maintaining your dessert landscape has little to no maintenance. Saving you hundreds of dollars each year.
  • Go Green! You can save an average of 55 Gallons of water per year.
  • Want to save some of your grass? You’re are still eligible for the rebate. The rebate is used to reduce the amount of grass you have, not get rid of it entirely.
  • Most HOA’s works with SNWA to provide a beautiful landscape that is water conservative.

Commonly Used Plants and Materials for SNWA Approved Rebate 

  • Rocks
  • Bark
  • Brick (with sand grouting)
  • Flagstone (with sand grouting)
  • Cacti
  • Succulents
  • fire pits and fire places
  • Agave
  • Dahlia

See a full list of plants included on the SNWA Water Smart Landscapes Program

Expert Water Smart Desert Landscape Design & Build

All our Landscape Experts are SNWA certified and trained on water efficiency and can help you get the most out of your money. These dessert landscape conversions give a good indication of what you could be saving. We are also determined to show you that dessert landscaping does not have to be boring or particular. Here only a few examples of the five hundred different plants and materials you are able to use to make your land beautiful and water efficient.

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