Grading Services

Grading involves the reshaping or leveling of the land to create a smooth, even surface or to achieve a specific slope. The primary goals of grading include:

  1. Proper Water Flow: Ensuring water drains away from structures such as homes, driveways, and other buildings to prevent flooding and water damage.
  2. Foundation Preparation: Creating a stable and level base for construction projects, including lawns, gardens, patios, and other landscaping features.
  3. Erosion Control: Reducing soil erosion by creating slopes that direct water flow in a controlled manner.
  4. Aesthetic Improvement: Enhancing the visual appeal of the landscape by creating even, visually pleasing surfaces and slopes.

Grading typically involves:

  • Cutting and Filling: Removing (cutting) soil from higher areas and placing (filling) it in lower areas to achieve the desired level or slope.
  • Soil Compaction: Compacting the soil to create a stable surface that is less likely to shift or settle over time.
  • Surface Smoothing: Using tools such as rakes and graders to create a smooth, even surface.

Drainage Services

Drainage services focus on managing the flow of water across the landscape to prevent water accumulation, which can lead to problems like soil erosion, flooding, and damage to structures. Key aspects of drainage services include:

  1. Surface Drainage: Designing and installing systems that manage water on the surface, including:
    • Swales: Shallow ditches that direct water away from critical areas.
    • Grading: Creating slopes that direct water flow towards designated drainage areas.
  2. Subsurface Drainage: Installing systems that manage water below the surface, including:
    • French Drains: Trenches filled with gravel and a perforated pipe that redirect water away from problem areas.
    • Dry Wells: Underground structures that collect and disperse excess water.
  3. Gutter and Downspout Systems: Ensuring roof runoff is properly channeled away from buildings and into appropriate drainage systems.
  4. Drainage Basins and Channels: Creating basins and channels to collect and move excess water away from landscaped areas.

Our Process

  1. Assessment: Evaluating the landscape to understand the water flow patterns, soil type, and existing drainage issues.
  2. Design: Creating a plan that includes grading and drainage solutions tailored to the specific needs of the property.
  3. Implementation: Using heavy machinery for major grading work and hand tools for finer details, as well as installing drainage systems.
  4. Maintenance: Regularly inspecting and maintaining grading and drainage systems to ensure they continue to function effectively.


  • Prevents Water Damage: Proper grading and drainage prevent water from pooling around structures, reducing the risk of water damage to foundations and basements.
  • Enhances Landscape Health: Proper water management ensures that plants receive adequate water without being waterlogged, promoting healthy growth.
  • Improves Usability: Well-graded and properly drained landscapes are more functional and enjoyable, with fewer muddy or flooded areas.
  • Increases Property Value: A well-maintained landscape with effective grading and drainage systems can increase the overall value of the property.

By offering grading and drainage services, ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas ensures that landscapes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and resilient against water-related issues.


Photo of Landscape Rock that was Delivered & Installed by Chicago Landscape of Las Vegas
Photo of drainage and grading in Las Vegas property
Photo of drainage and grading in Las Vegas property
Photo of drainage and grading in Las Vegas property
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