Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

We specialize in the installation of outdoor lighting and low voltage landscape lighting in Las Vegas

Outdoor Lighting Las Vegas

We provide our clients with beautiful, professional outdoor lighting installation in Las Vegas. ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas understands that the visual appearance of a property in the evening and through the night must be always be at its best. By using highest quality, low voltage landscape lighting products along with proper installation we ensure that your property has the most appealing lighting available.

Outdoor Lighting Las Vegas

By transforming a dark property into a soothing and secure environment, residential & commercial outdoor lighting provides a true return on your investment.

From our initial design consultation through the installation of our premium landscape lighting fixtures, ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas is your full service lighting expert. Our professional lighting designers, installers and lighting maintenance team will assure your landscape lighting system remains in picture perfect condition. You’ll never even need to change another bulb. We handle it all!

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting Las VegasHighlight the Beauty of Your Trees

Spot lights are narrow outdoor lighting fixtures which focus light directly onto objects such as palm trees and focal points such as fountains and landscape décorsuch as statues. A broader scope of light can be achieved with the installation of flood lights. These lights can be used for highlighting the architecture of your home or enhancing the canopy’s of larger trees.

Guide The Way with Pathway Lighting

Landscape path lighting helps to provide soft light along paths to help guide throughout your landscape. With proper design and installation the beautiful walkway features and vibrant colors of cobblestone, flagstone or architectural concrete come alive at night along with plantings highlighted on the paths edge.

Save Energy with LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Conversion

ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas can convert your existing landscape lighting system with LED lighting. While your Halogen lamps may need replaced every 2 or 3 years, your new LED lights may provide up to 20 years of maintenance free performance.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Repair Las Vegas

It is not uncommon for landscape lighting to experience problems. Even the most professionally installed lighting systems experience problems from time-to-time. Corrosion of the bulb contacts or wiring is usually the culprit of lighting failures. If you notice any issues with your landscape lighting, contact a professional for landscape lighting repair in Las Vegas Our professionals will check the wire connections and clean off any corrosion interrupting the flow of electricity and clean the bulb connections.If cleaning the connections fails, we will check all wiring to ensure proper connection and if needed reroute and replace cables.

ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas’s Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Low voltage outdoor landscape lighting is the frosting on your landscapes curb appeal and outdoor living space. It can enhance the architecture of our home, highlight the trees and shrubs as well as illuminate your homes pathways, patios & fountains as well as play an important role in the security of your home.

Landscape Lighting Las Vegas

  • We provide our clients with truly professional outdoor lighting services yet provide that personal touch from our initial meeting to project completion and beyond.
  • We believe in only using the highest quality lighting components in our systems from premium manufacturers of professional grade lighting. We believe that once a system is accepted and all parts are in, that lighting installation must be done in a timely fashion. No project gets put on the back burner!
  • We want our clients to enjoy their systems for years to come and in the event there is a problem to call me knowing that I am personally involved through out the process.
  • We believe this personal yet professional approach will lead to working relationships not just system sales.

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Whether it’s improving on existing landscape lighting, or starting a brand new outdoor lighting design, we have the tools and the knowledge to provide the results you would expect from a reputable company. Let us offer you a competitive estimate on your next outdoor lighting project.