Desert Landscape Design for Las Vegas

ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas will create a desert landscape design plan that will help you get the most out of your landscape while considering issues like cost, function, aesthetic preferences, maintenance requirements, water efficiency and energy efficiency. We will help you can tailor the plan to suit your taste, your needs and your checkbook. The desert landscape plan we create for you will serve as a guide throughout the landscaping process. Our expert design team will work with you to meet your goals and needs within your budget avoiding time consuming and costly mistakes. When we develop a plan, we always think long-term to make sure maintenance also be in your budget.

Let ChicagoLandscape help make your desert dream a reality from concept to completion. Our Las Vegas landscapers will take you step by step through our desert landscape design process from start to finish to deliver the ultimate desert landscape look and feel. Our Las Vegas landscape design team will create modern landscape designs and present them in full color renderings utilizing both CAD and 3D modeling software. Every desert landscape design is custom based on your property and catered to meet your budget. We are Las Vegas’s top desert landscape design company.

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We will tour your property along side of you and you will have an opportunity to share your landscape wants and needs while we offer our professional expertise. We’ll cover topics from grading and drainage to patios and decks to all levels of planting and outdoor construction. The time is yours to help us gather the information needed to meet your landscape desires.

Our Desert Landscape Design Consultation will include:

  1. Initial review of Client Questionnaire from website submission or phone interview
  2. Detailed on site assessment, evaluation, data collection & photos
  3. Establish reasonable budget/allowances for potential project
  4. Procure design agreement contract – (Fees vary based on project scope, site difficulties and timelines)

It is our consultative process that will create the ideas for our expert landscape design process.

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