The Southern Nevada Water Authorities Water Smart Landscape program has now helped save billions of gallons of water! The latest information from SNWA is that over 200 million square feet of lawn has been upgraded in our community to water-efficient landscaping since the programs inception.

Currently, there has never been a better time for replacing your water-thirsty turf. By doing so you can reduce your water use by up to 75 percent, plus you can receive $3 per square foot of  grass converted to xeriscape (up to to the first 10,000 square feet).

Chicago Landscape of Las Vegas is a Southern Nevada Water Authority licensed, approved  Water Smart Contractor.

Removing existing lawn is not as easy as it may sound. Such removal and conversion requires a considerable amount of planning to achieve the most cost effect results as well as the best overall look. Let the expert landscapers from Chicago Landscape of Las Vegas help you decide the best way for you to save the most money with a Water Smart Landscape conversion. We offer a free consultation where we will review your lawn and/or conversion areas. We can help answer all your questions and assist with:

  • Requirements for the converted areas
  • Which plants will look and function best
  • Artificial turf types, costs, and recommendations
  • How to protect established trees during a conversion
  • How much of a rebate you can expect to get back
  • What restrictions apply to homeowners
  • Which herbicides work best to prevent grass from growing back after removal
  • How much water you can expect to save after removal
  • The most cost effective ways to remove existing turf irrigation lines

Contact Chicago Landscape of Las Vegas today for a Free Water Smart Conversion Consultation!