28 Dec 2021
Water Smart Landscape Conversion

Water Smart Landscape Conversion Rebate Program – Free Consultations!

The Southern Nevada Water Authorities Water Smart Landscape program has now helped save billions of gallons of water! The latest information from SNWA is that over 200 million square feet of lawn has been upgraded in our community to water-efficient landscaping since the programs inception.

Currently, there has never been a better time for replacing your water-thirsty turf. By doing so you can reduce your water use by up to 75 percent, plus you can receive $3 per square foot of  grass converted to xeriscape (up to to the first 10,000 square feet).

Chicago Landscape of Las Vegas is a Southern Nevada Water Authority licensed, approved  Water Smart Contractor.

Removing existing lawn is not as easy as it may sound. Such removal and conversion requires a considerable amount of planning to achieve the most cost effect results as well as the best overall look. Let the expert landscapers from Chicago Landscape of Las Vegas help you decide the best way for you to save the most money with a Water Smart Landscape conversion. We offer a free consultation where we will review your lawn and/or conversion areas. We can help answer all your questions and assist with:

  • Requirements for the converted areas
  • Which plants will look and function best
  • Artificial turf types, costs, and recommendations
  • How to protect established trees during a conversion
  • How much of a rebate you can expect to get back
  • What restrictions apply to homeowners
  • Which herbicides work best to prevent grass from growing back after removal
  • How much water you can expect to save after removal
  • The most cost effective ways to remove existing turf irrigation lines

Contact Chicago Landscape of Las Vegas today for a Free Water Smart Conversion Consultation!

01 Dec 2021
Desert at Winter Photo - Winter Landscape Care Tips for Las Vegas

Winter Landscape Care Tips for Las Vegas

Although winters in the Las Vegas valley can be mild by most standards, winter can still wreak havoc on lawns, plants and shrubbery. This is especially true when the temperatures dip below the freezing point. Use these basic winter landscape care tips to help protect your plants, trees, and shrubs from winter temperatures.  

Prepare your Lawn for Winter

  • Rake leaves and remove debris which may smother your grass or stunt any growth of new grass in the future.
  • Cut grass shorter to around 2 inches in height to protect new growth and to prevent your yard from being a feeding zone for rabbits and other Las Vegas pests
  • Fertilize and Aerate your lawn before the first freezing temperatures. Your lawn won’t use much fertilizer in the winter months but the needed nutrients will be stored in the soil to draw upon when the weather starts to warm.

Protect Trees and Shrubs

  • Another winter landscape tip is to prune plants and trees in the late fall or early winter. This time is usually best for pruning because it is the dormant season for most plants, trees and shrubs. Trimming before the freeze allows fresh wounds to heal slowly before new growth continues in the spring. Pruning also prevents property damage that may occur from strong Las Vegas winter winds and hail.
  • Refresh your mulch to help keep your perennials roots warm and safe during the winter cold. This essential step helps ensure that these desert plants will bloom again in the spring. The best time to add mulch is when the ground is moist, such as after a heavy watering or rain. The mulch will seal in moisture for the winter.
  • Cover young plants and shrubs when before an overnight freeze. Young, newly planted trees need a little extra winter care until they’re thick enough to make it on their own new growth. Small plants, trees and shrubs are susceptible to freeze damage if left unprotected. In addition, all young trees and plants are on the dinner menu for rodents who feast on young plants when food is scarce in the winter months.

Protect your Irrigation System before an Overnight Freeze

  • If the weather report indicated that temperatures will fall near or below freezing in the Las Vegas valley, be sure to shut off your outdoor water supply the night before. We recommend shutting of the outside irrigation value (not just turning off the irrigation timer).
  • Insulate the main shut off valve so that it doesn’t freeze. Wrap the valve using foam insulation tape and a plastic bag. If you have any additional pipes above ground, you’ll need to insulate those as well.
  • The last winter landscape care tip is to remove the end caps of your irrigation system before a freeze. Most all irrigation lines have a screw off end cap in each irrigation zone. By removing the cap before a freeze you will allow any water that does freeze a way to escape without swelling and cracking the lines.


Are your precious trees, shrubs, plants, grass and irrigation system properly ready for a Las Vegas winter?  The expert landscape team at Chicago Landscape of Las Vegas has been helping residents in the Las Vegas valley for over 20 years. We are licensed, insured, and committed to provide you with the best service humanly possible. Before you hire anyone else, we ask you to please contact us for a free consultation for any of your landscape needs big or small!
01 Nov 2021
Las Vegas Tree Trimming Service performed by Chicago Landscape of Las Vegas

3 Tree Tips for Fall / Winter in the Las Vegas Desert

As we transition from summer in to fall here are 3 tree tips you can practice to keep your trees looking their best all year long:


Prune your Trees to Prevent Damage

Pruning trees is often best done in the late fall to early winter in Las Vegas which is the trees dormant season. By removing as many damaged branches from your trees as you can find. The removal of these branches will help them recover from stress they may have endured during the hot summer season.  Pruning a tree can have many other benefits too.  The first and most important is safety.  Removing dangerous limbs keeps them from falling on your home, your neighbors home, and even people.  Beware that However, pruning trees yourself can also be very dangerous. To ensure your own personal safety, and the safety of your property, we highly recommend that you let a licensed and insured professional do the tree pruning for you.

Trim  your Trees to Promote New Growth

Trimming your trees in the late fall encourages the growth and structure of the tree.  With proper pruning, a tree can be forced  to grow into a specific configurations of limbs and branches which may better the structural integrity of the tree. Further, by maintaining the tree’s structural integrity,  you will help decrease the damage that broken limbs and falling branches may cause.  if your tree is properly pruned, it  will not have compromising branch structures. A properly trimmed tree should also not have improper weight distribution which can lead to disaster later on in the tree’s life. Let’s not also forget that tree trimming also helps to greatly improve the general look of the tree.

Boost the Health of Your Tree with Fertilizer

Tree Fertilization Las VegasAfter a long growing season, your trees start to wind down their activity in fall. Fertilizing your trees in fall will help them build up their energy which is stored to carry them through winter .It is during the early winter in Las vegas that you get your last and best chance  to fertilize your trees with a hearty, growth-promoting fertilizer. Although, you won’t see any growth above ground during winter, your trees roots never stop growing. By providing your trees with the helping hand of a rich fertilizer you allow your trees to get the most out of the nutrients in the soil as they focus on root growth in the spring. It is extremely important that you only use fertilizers that do not contain nutrients that stimulate leaf growth in the fall.  For this reason we recommend that your consult with your landscaper or local area nursery supply store staff to determine which fertilizers are best for your tree for the fall/winter season.


Get a Free Landscape Maintenance Consultation

Do you need help with the maintenance of your trees or properties landscape this fall or any other time during the year? The expert landscape team at Chicago Landscape of Las Vegas has been helping residents in the Las Vegas valley for over 20 years. We are licensed, insured, and committed to provide you with the best service humanly possible. Before you hire anyone else, we ask you to please contact us for a free consultation for any of your landscape projects, big or small!


01 Mar 2021

Fire Pit Design & Build for those Cool Las Vegas Nights!

At ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas we are experts in building custom backyard Fire Pits for those cool desert Las Vegas nights. Although Las Vegas is know for it’s brutal heat in the summer, there are also many mild nights for which there is ample opportunity to enjoy a fire feature such as a fire pit. Many home owners will also agree that fire pits are one of their most favored features that was added to their backyard landscape. Not only is a fire pit visually appealing, it is also very functional and fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Each fire pit designed and installed by ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas is unique and custom designed to integrate seamlessly with all of the other features in your outdoor living space. Our fire pit designs require the coordination of several key elements – masonry, gas and plumbing, and stonework. The reality is that a fire pit or fireplace is not a simple construction project even though some landscape contractors claim it to be. Ina addition to a lot of skill required to properly design and construct a fire pit, there is also the issue of licensing. Only a licensed general contractor can legally install the plumbing and necessary gas lines or propane needed for the feature to function. This is a fact that most  landscape contractors like those you will find on Craigslist won’t tell you because they are operating illegally without the proper licenses. However, ChicagoLandscape holds multiple general contractors licenses and is also insured and bonded. When you hire ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas to build your fire pit or outdoor fire feature you can rest assure that the work is being performed by skilled tradesmen who have years of experience and the licensing required to complete the project safely and legally.

Contact ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas today for a free, at home, consultation today!

12 Dec 2016

City of Henderson Desert Landscaping Design & Build Experts

ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas is a City of Henderson desert landscaping company dedicated to providing sound landscape and environmental design. We work closely with The City Of Henderson, Nevada, and the Southern Nevada Water Authority to design and plan to meet your needs, goals, and in your budget.

The SNWA (Southern Nevada Water Authority) encourages residents and businesses in Henderson to take advantage of their current rebate of $2 per square foot of grass that is removed and replaced with desert landscaping (up to the first 5,000 square feet converted per property, per year). Chicago Landscape will help you let go of your lawn and create a beautiful, drought tolerant landscape and save billions of gallons of water city wide.

Desert Landscaping is Low Maintenance!

In the City Of Henderson the summer can be very hot with long periods of no rain. A good designed desert landscape will add beauty to your home, and drastically reduces the amount of water usage. We also install hybrid landscapes, where we use some grass within the desert landscape. This will soften the look and feel and adds contrast and color for a natural look. With our designs artificial grass will look as good or better than your old lawn and keep maintenance low.

As Henderson Desert Landscaping Experts, we will handle everything from concept to completion.

Our Las Vegas landscapers will take you step by step through our desert landscape design process from start to finish to deliver the perfect desert landscape look and feel.

  • DROUGHT TOLERANT LANDSCAPE DESIGN – Owner approved designs!

With your help the average City of Henderson resident can save up to 50,000 gallons of water per year. Cost savings can reach upwards of $500 annually and based on the design you choose your installation could be close to free.

We offer Free Consultations

Your trained design specialists we will come to your property and along side of you go over every inch. We will discuss your wants and your needs and offer our professional expertise. During this consultation we will cover topics from grading and drainage to plants and irrigation.

Desert Landscape Installation Steps

  1. Initial review of Client Questionnaire from website submission or phone interview
  2. Detailed on site assessment, evaluation, data collection & photos
  3. Establish reasonable budget/allowances for potential project
  4. Procure design agreement contract – (Fees vary based on project scope, site difficulties and timelines)


23 Nov 2016

Residential Landscaping Las Vegas

We specialize in residential landscaping for property owners throughout the greater Las Vegas valley.  Our family owned and operated company has grown to a complete landscape and property maintenance solution. With over twenty years of experience we provide the skill, reliability and great customer service.

Residential Landscaping & Lawn Service

Whether you own or rent your home, if you need landscaping or lawn service, we will deliver. We offer a variety of desert landscaping services ranging from landscape design, planting, irrigation, landscape rock, tree trimming, tree removal, driveway paver installation, and even custom BBQ & outdoor kitchens.

We are intimately familiar with the local desert climate and we know what kind of plants will grow best on your property. Our designers create and plan new residential landscape designs with a complete understanding of the local conditions and we will select attractive plants suitable that can flourish during the long dry hot summers and withstand the cool winters. Our residential maintenance teams are passionate about the  overall maintenance and health of your property year round.

Residential Landscaping Safety & Regulation Considerations

We make sure to check and comply with all HOA and city regulations for drought control, irrigation schedules, dust and height regulations. We are also aware that landscaping can be dangerous. From trimming trees to working with loud equipment and encountering hazards like killer bees, our professional crew is licensed, insured, and trained to handle all situations. regularly encounters hazards. We require continuous safety training and have a zero tolerance for unsafe practices such as the operation of equipment.  In addition to safety and good training, each of our employees are also committed to protecting the property, people, and animals encountered on each property.

We Come Equipped for Success

We are well-equipped for all landscaping projects whether they are large or small. With expert landscape designers, highly trained maintenance crews, and a knowledgeable customer service team, we are committed to provide you with exceptional service. We have invested in the best, state-of-the-art equipment and tools designed to perform under all conditions.

We Offer Free Landscape Consultation

Are you thinking about a landscape total landscape redesign or just want a new look for your backyard? We will come out to your home, free of charge, and tour your property with you. We will share our ideas and listen to your wants and needs for the right residential landscaping for your property.  We will take all the time needed to cover topics from grading and drainage to patios, planting and outdoor construction. This is the time that is needed before we can plan and design the right look and meet your budget requirements.

17 Jan 2016

Custom BBQ’s in Las Vegas, NV

Whether you’re an existing homeowner, a new homeowner, or you’re designing your dream home, and you’re looking to create an aesthetic, relaxing environment, or you just want to entertain family and friends…We’d like to show you how you can build your dream BBQ island without the hassles, worries or frustrations.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Design & Build Services in Las Vegas

  • BBQ Islands
  • Outdoor Wetbars
  • Custom Outdoor Grills
  • Gas Fire Pits
  • Fire Pit Tables
  • Barbecue Islands
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Propane Fire Pits

With over 20 years of experience building outdoor kitchens and custom BBQ’s  in Las Vegas, Nevada Pools we can help you choose the outdoor kitchen that is right for you. Our custom BBQ and outdoor kitchen designs range from simple setups consisting of a basic barbecue and preparation table to fully functional outdoor kitchens.  Whatever kind of outdoor kitchen or BBQ setup you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy a backyard that allows you to cook and entertain your guests at the same time.  You’ll also love the convenience of having an outdoor kitchen or BBQ for daily use as almost any Las Vegas night is perfect for grilling a meal for yourself and your loved ones.


17 Jan 2016

Tree Removal Las Vegas

Tree removal in Las Vegas is not a service we like to emphasize, but there are some situations where tree removal may be warranted. ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas executes tree removals to eliminate dead or dying trees, those beyond recovery, as well as trees that may pose a safety risk to you or your loved ones.

Trees may also be removed for any one of the following reasons:

  • To reduce competition with other trees and/or plants
  • To allow for new construction
  • To allow clearance for utility lines
  • When severely damaged by the elements

Hire a Professional Tree Removal Specialist

We take great pride in ensuring that your tree is removed in such a way that disturbance to nearby vegetation is minimal, if not entirely eliminated. We also specialize in removing palm trees which due to their unique physical characteristics, require a very different approach when compared to that of most other tress.

ChicagoLandscape of Las Vegas is fully insured for all tree removals, regardless of their size. Once your tree has been efficiently removed, our certified tree experts can grind the remaining stump (if requested), allowing you to cover the area with new landscaping. If you suspect trouble with one of trees, please don’t delay in contacting us today, for competitive prices and your free estimate.